LDS 120Litre / 115kg capacity


LDS 240 Litre / 230kg capicity


LDS 380 Litre / 365kg capacity



Standard Features

  • Capacities from 120 litre (approx 115 kg) to 380litre (approx 365 kg)
  • Hopper cover for 120 litre and 240 litre models
  • Translucent hopper for monitoring fertiliser level
  • Low ground pressure tyres
  • 50mm swivel ball hitch                                                     
  • Ground drive
  • Spread width up to 15m
  • Drive engage handle accessible from ATV seat
  • Galvanised frame


  • 120 litre (115kg) capacity: 16 x 6.50 - 8 wheels/tyres
  • 240 litre (230kg) capacity: 18 x 9.50 - 8 wheels/tyres
  • 380 litre (365kg) capacity: 18 x 9.50 - 8 wheels/tyres
  • Hopper cover for 240 ltr. hopper
  • Hopper cover for 380 ltr. hopper

Spreader Range LDS

What does this do?

There will be times when you need to improve the quality of the grazing in your paddock by spreading some fertiliser on it. This range of spreaders is also suitable for accurately spreading grass seed.

It may be advisable to have your soil tested early in the year and spread the correct fertiliser type that will correct any nutrient deficiencies. Make sure you use the correct application rates and allow enough time to ‘rest’ the pasture before you let your horse back in to graze.

Please note that the LDS120DS model can also be used for spreading dry salt in winter condtions - please see the Winter Maintenance section under Spreader Range for more details.

Why do I need one?

There are all sorts of applicators available, big and small. The Logic LDS range provides the ideal balance between them, making the job quick and easy to do, whilst avoiding the need to have heavier equipment travelling over the ground. This can be a problem early in the year when it’s often soft and wet -   big machines can cause ruts and soil compaction. The size of spreader you need depends on your paddock size. If you have a 1 hectare paddock and need to apply 100 kilos/hectare (a common application rate) then the LDS120 (120ltr. capacity) is ideal.

If you have larger paddocks, you might consider one of our larger capacity machines – or just do half the paddock at a time, filling up with fertiliser when you need to.

Where do I use it?

Paddocks and fields. 

How does it work?

The hopper is filled with the appropriate type of fertiliser for your soil. You need to know the speed you’re going to travel because the mechanism is ground-driven. When you open the aperture, the fertiliser flows down onto the spinning disc which flicks it out evenly over a wide area (15m is usual). So you complete your first run 7.5m from the edge of your paddock, then the second one about 15m further over and so on. We do a guide to fertiliser spreading in the manual which comes with every machine.