Timber Hauler THT200





    • Standard Features

      • Hand winch to assist loading
      • Gripping cradle turntable for manoeuvrability
      • Swing-down legs for easy unloading
      • Bead lock wheel rims for added safety
      • 50mm swivel tow hitch
      • Flotation tyres for low ground pressure


        • ATV/UTV electric winch for extracting timber to hauler location
      • Timber Hauler THT200

        The THT200 is a trailer designed to be used with an ATV/UTV to extract long lengths of timber from areas with limited access or from areas that may be inaccesible by other vehicles. Ground damage is kept to a minimum as both ATV/UTV and the THT200 have excellent low ground pressure properties.

        The leading end of the timber is lifted up using the winch cable and is then lowered into the 'U' shaped cradle which features teeth that grip the load. The timber is then secured using the strap supplied. The cradle sits on a turntable which means the whole unit is very manoeuvrable as this allows the trailer to turn independently of the load. This feature avoids situations where the trailing load would otherwise cause the trailer to tip over on cornering tightly.

        The 'U' shaped cradle features swing-down legs that are used to assist unloading - simply remove the securing strap, withdraw the locking pin and drive away.

        The  hand winch is used to facilitate the extraction of the  timber to the trailer from restricted areas. The trailer also comes with a 50mm swivel  tow hitch and bead lock wheel rims with 22x11-8 flotation tyres  for good low ground pressure and extra safety.


        The THT200 is very useful for anyone who needs to extract timber, particularly where low ground pressure is an advantage. Timber can be extracted easily and efficiently with minimum expense.

        Please also see THT400.