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3.5 tonne horseboxes are nowadays becoming increasingly popular; they are easy to drive and park, economical to run and anyone over the age of 17yrs can drive them on a standard driving licence without needing to take a further test. But with a horsebox of this size it is vital that you know what the payload is, not only so that you can calculate whether it is legally capable of carrying one or two horses, your passengers and all your gear, but also because travelling in an overweight vehicle may seriously endanger your horse and other road users.


The dedicated research and development team at Equi-Trek, the UK’s largest horsebox and trailer manufacturer, have spent the past 2 years investigating this longstanding conundrum of horse transport. Recently, at Badminton International Horse Trials, they launched their brand new and revolutionary lightweight 3.5t horsebox model, appropriately entitled the ‘ATOM’. The ATOM is constructed using a revolutionary composite fused panel with properties similar to that of carbon fibre; it is impact resistant, element repelling, and not only increases strength but is also extremely lightweight. The ATOM therefore provides a strong, durable and a safe environment in which to transport your horse, and with a remarkable unladen weight of up to 2,100kg, it offers potentially the highest payload for this size of horsebox on the market.


With the ATOM, you can rest assure that no compromise has been made between the weight, safety and strength of its construction. The full height reinforced bulkhead between the horse area and the cabin ensures the utmost safety for the driver, passenger and horses, whilst the sturdy aluminium planked floor is covered with heavy duty rubber matting.


The horse area of the ATOM consists of two rear-facing stalls incorporating a padded dual-height breast bar designed to accommodate both ponies and horses, which is also fully collapsible and can be safely released from the outside of the horsebox in the event of an emergency. All round windows plus separate roof vent ensure all round light and ventilation, whilst the fully adjustable partition can be maneuvered to alter the stall size according to the size or preference of your horses. Furthermore the ATOM is available to four potential tack/storage locker configurations according to your personal preference, as well as many other optional extras.


The ATOM is built on a brand new Peugeot 150BHP HDI Diesel engine chassis, and with a starting price from only £27,999.00 (plus VAT) it offers exceptional value for money. It therefore not only provides you with the very best payload, but it is also supremely easy and economical to drive. Furthermore, the specially reduced chassis height offers you an extremely stable and smooth driving experience, whilst the low wide side ramp makes loading and unloading easier and much safer.


- Unladen weight from 2,100kg

- Brand new chassis

- 3 years manufacturers warranty

- Gross weight of 3,500kg/3.5T meaning it can be driven on a standard driving licence

- Collapsible breastbar system

- 4 optional layouts available

Hire Contract min 6 months period