Liquid Bowser skid unit DMB 300

DMB 300




    • Standard Features

      • 270 litre bowser skid unit; suitable for trailer, pick-up bed etc;
      • 1.8m flexible outlet pipe; 2" diameter, c/w ¾ turn on/off tap
      • Top filling with vented cap

      Deck Mount Bowser DMB

      Designed to be placed in a trailer or in the bed of a UTV or 4x4 pick-up (or similar). 270 litre capacity gets liquid to where you need it. Easy to fill. Vented cap means easy to empty.

      All Farm Applications

      The DMB300 bowser is a 270 litre bowser with a similar specification to our other models in the 270 litre bowser range. This version is housed in a sturdy deck-mount frame which allows it to be used in the bed of a 4x4, a pick-up, a UTV or on a trailer. This gives you the flexibility to transport water or other liquids using a wide range of vehicles.

      Product Features

      The DMB300 is very easy to use: fill the tank through the wide filling aperture; fit the cap and transport the contents to the destination; then use the 2" diameter outlet pipe with ¾ turn tap to empty the liquid to wherever it needs to be. The cap is vented so there is no need to loosen it during the emptying process. The tank itself is made using the rotational moulding method and is extremely strong. A very simple and convenient way to carry liquids.