6 foot wide


4 foot wide



Standard Features

  • Simple, conventional chain harrow
  • 1.2m (4ft) or 1.8m (6ft) harrow widths available
  • Strong construction
  • Tow behind any suitable vehicle


Chain Harrow CH

What does this do?

This is a simple harrow - a chain ‘web’ which is towed across a paddock. On the underside of the harrow are blunt tines which comb through the grass, removing dead grass and scarifying the surface.

Harrows are also useful if you’re seeding a paddock: harrow thoroughly; sow the seed: roll the surface with a Ballast Roller to firm the seed into the soil.

Harrowing is also sometimes used to disperse droppings over a wide area, thus preventing the grass beneath becoming sour and unpalatable, but it is definitely not a substitute for removal of the droppings, because of the implications for pest and parasite control. Advice on harrowing droppings is available from the BHS in their Pasture Management document.

Harrows have a strong ‘tilling’ action and can be used on menages to quickly dress the top surface. For a thorough and professional job for menages please see information on our PG250/T.

Please note that this equipment may require rolling up and transporting in a trailer once you have finished in the paddocks, as dragging the harrow on a hard road surface is not recommended.


Why do I need one?

In your paddock, using a harrow will remove dead grass. Scarifying the soil surface will stimulate the growth of healthy new grass. If you’re re-seeding, you’ll need to till the soil surface first. All these things will help improve the grazing.

In your menage, the harrow can be used to quickly dress the surface.

Where do I use it?

Primarily paddocks and any grassed area, also on a menage.

How does it work?

The harrow can be hitched to any suitable vehicle (an ATV is ideal for low ground pressure use, but a 4x4 or small tractor can easily be used) then it is towed around the paddock, ensuring the whole surface of the paddock is covered both lengthways and crossways.