• 1.2 metre working width
    • Floating drawbar for light, easy hitching and more compact storage
    • Remote throttle cable which is clipped onto the towing vehicle during use
    • Throttle cable ‘park’ to prevent tangles when machine is not in use
    • Easy to start Honda 5.5hp engine
    • Mesh topped hopper visually indicates when hopper is full
    • Mesh top easily removed for cleaning purposes
    • Strong manual winch for easy hopper emptying
    • Easy height adjuster
    • Large rear castor wheels for low ground pressure, stability and manoeuvrability
    • Open-wheel design prevents mud build-up in wet conditions allowing all-year-round us
    • Low ground pressure minimises damage to ground in wet conditions
    • Useful for removing other debris such as twigs, leaves, acorns, grass clippings etc
  • Options

    • Tine bar kit  
    Pro Sweep MSP

The new Logic MSP120 ‘Pro-Sweep’ Horse Muck Collector has been developed from our hugely successful MSC sweeper. As part of planned paddock maintenance schedule, the MSP120 Pro-Sweep is used to quickly and effectively remove droppings and other debris, resulting in a healthier, more productive paddock. New features mean the Pro-Sweep is easier and lighter to use and more reliable than ever.

It is well-known that paddocks are kept free of droppings to reduce the worm burden and to promote better grazing: the British Horse Society recommends that removal of droppings should be done a minimum of  three times a week. All horse owners will be aware just how back-breaking (and some would say, soul-destroying) this task can be. It can easily take up six hours a week - even in a small paddock. That time could be engaged in the more enjoyable aspects of horse ownership, such as spending more time with your horse.

Using a Pro-Sweep Poo Picker can be up to ten times faster than tackling the task by hand.  Even people who aren’t fit and strong can continue to care for their horse properly by collecting the muck - and many now find this previously laborious task a real pleasure, especially since the appearance of a clean paddock looks so much smarter when you’ve finished.

Other mechanical methods available, such as paddock vacuum systems, do not result in much of a saving in time over manual collection. Either the driver/rider has to stop at each dung pile to vacuum it up or a second person must be recruited to operate the wander hose. If tackling the task with a vacuum collector single-handedly, the operator must either try to use the vacuum hose from the riding position or must dismount to operate the hose on foot, slowing the job down considerably.

Vacuum systems can be effective, but are not nearly as quick or efficient as the Logic Pro-Sweep: simply tow the Pro-Sweep over each pile of droppings, increasing the revs while on the move to engage the sweeping brush; drive over the pile so that it goes between the two front wheels; then drop the revs again and move on to the next pile. There is no need to sweep the whole paddock surface - just concentrate on the dung piles. The Pro-Sweep is very manoeuvrable and is the fastest, most effective and easiest method of muck collection available.

How does the Pro-Sweep work?

Just like the MSC (Logic’s previous model) the on-board engine drives a 4' rotary brush which has long, stiff bristles. The Pro-Sweep has a simple height adjuster which is extremely light to operate and setting the correct operating height takes just seconds. The Pro-Sweep then works as follows: the motor is started and set to run at a tick-over speed. The unit is trailed behind a suitable vehicle (ATV, 4x4, small tractor etc,) and driven across each pile of droppings/area of debris. Increasing the Pro-Sweep’s engine revs (using the remote throttle cable) engages the sweeping brush, which neatly flicks the droppings into the capacious hopper.This operation is repeated, targeting just the piles of droppings in the paddock. Once all the dung piles have been collected, the unit is then towed to the midden area where the new, easy-action winch is used to eject the contents. Improved ejection height facilitates the formation of a compact midden.

Optional tine bar

For paddocks where the dung piles have been matted into the grass, by the action of heavy rain for example, the optional tine bar can be simply lowered. The tine bar breaks up the compacted dung so the brush can sweep the pile into the hopper. For especially stubborn patches, driving more slowly over the pile - or even setting the brush height a little lower than normal - will help remove dung that has all but dissolved into the ground. The tine bar height is set in conjunction with the brush height, allowing both the tines and the brush to be quickly raised out of work when moving the unit outside the paddock.