Salt Spreader GDS 250


£6,175.00 +VAT

As above fitted mudgaurds,road wheels & tryres

£6,515.00 +VAT

  • Standard Features

    • 465 litre hopper capacity
    • Unique agitation system
    • Floor conveyor system with full length agitator sited directly above
    • 1.5-10m spread width (standard gearbox)
    • 3-14m spread width (high-speed gearbox)
    • Can cast salt to left or right
    • Easy to adjust sluice gate regulates flow
    • Strong construction - built to last
    • Zinc base coat plus two-pack enamel paint finish
    • Handles rock salt even when wet
    • 50mm swivel tow hitch


    • Stainless steel hopper
    • Flashing beacon
    • Tonneau cover
    • Flotation wheels
    • Clevis or 30/40mm ring hitch