Three Point Linkage System spray tank

270 LITRE/ C/W 4.5 LT MIN


270 LITRE C/W 9.0 LT/MIN


AS THE TPS390S with remote electric on/off


3 Point linkage mounting frame


Standard Features

  • 270 litre spray tank
  • 12v 9 litre/min pump
  • In-line filter
  • Drain plug
  • Filter basket
  • Full pressure control system
  • Agitation pressure gauge


  • OBS113: Hand lance c/w 10m hose and wrap-around bracket
  • OBS114: Hand lance c/w 15m hose and wrap-around bracket
  • OBS112PH: Hand lance c/w Hose reel and 15m hose
  • OBS116: Y piece to give 2 x outlets with tap to switch between lance/boom
  • OBS101: 1.5m (3 nozzle) boom c/w hedgerow nozzle
  • OBS102: 2.0m (4 nozzle) boom c/w hedgerow nozzle
  • OBS104: 3.0m (6 nozzle boom c/w hedgerow nozzle
  • OBS105: 3.5m (7 nozzle) boom c/w hedgerow nozzle
  • OBS107: Single ‘broadcast’ nozzle (gives up to 5m coverage on one side)

Three Point Linkage System TPS

This sprayer makes use of Logic's excellent 270 litre tank and three point linkage frame to offer a fully functional sprayer which is quick to attach and convenient to use. The 12v 9.0 litre/min pump is attached to the tractor electrical system using the supplied cabling.

Once the cable is attached to the battery a plug-in connector is left in place so when attaching the sprayer, connecting the power is easy. There is also a remote control box that is cab-mounted to allow the sprayer to be conveniently controlled. The full pressure-control system and in-tank agitation gives full sprayer functionality with the ability to produce correct spray rates and patterns. Components are industry-standard making maintenance a simple and trouble-free process. Where this unit really comes into its own is convenience. It is extremely quick to deploy for those occasions when speed is of the essence. The tank holds a useful capacity and the skid mounting keeps the unit at a convenient height when not attached to the tractor so that fitting and de-mounting is a straightforward process.