Timber Hauler THT400





    • Standard Features

      • Adjustable headboard to prevent logs sliding forwards and to accomodate different lengths
      • Tandem axle with stops to avoid damage to timber being carried
      • Strong, durable timber retaining bolsters
      • Bead lock wheel rims for added safety
      • 50mm swivel tow hitch
      • Flotation tyres for low ground pressure


        • ATV/UTV electric winch for extracting timber to hauler location
      • Timber Hauler THT400

        The THT400 is a trailer designed to be used with an ATV/UTV to extract cut lengths of timber from the point of felling to a suitable forward area. The standard construction features immensely strong timber retaining bolsters and the low ground pressure wheels on the pivoting tandem axle beam allow for easy travelling over difficult ground. Stabilty is incredible over rough terrain and areas with short tree stumps that need to be traversed. A 360 degree swivel tow hitch and bead lock wheel rims come as standard for extra safety. The headboard can be moved backwards and forwards to accommodate different timber lengths.

        All applications

        The THT400 is very useful for anyone who needs to extract timber, particularly where access is restricted (e.g. thinning operations) and where the use of low ground pressure equipment would be beneficial, utilising the ATV or UTV to its full potential. Timber can be extracted easily and efficiently with minimum expense. This trailer can also be used sucessfully for fencing operations where access is difficult and where conventional methods are not practical.


        Please also see THT200.