Waterboy 85 Litre cold horse wash

£312.50 +VAT

This fantastic product is the only purpose built portable wash system, Water 80 can wash, cool and give drinks to 3 – 4 horses and is perfect for small horseboxes and trailers. It fits perfectly in all models of Ifor Williams horse trailers and in most other horsetrailers worldwide. A wide selection of fixing brackets is available.

Waterboy carries the equivalent of 4 normal water drums and takes up a lot less space than 1 drum. Waterboy fits neatly into the unused space in the front of your trailer. It won’t impede use of the front ramp or grooms door, but it certainly makes keeping your horses looking and feeling good a pleasure instead of a nuisance. Waterboy weights less than 20 kg so it is easy to lift it into place and then securing it only takes a minute.


Waterboy has a quite, powerful 100 psi industrial diaphragm pump to dispense all the water you need for drinking, washing and tack cleaning. Waterboy fills a bucket of water in about a minute and the water pressure delivered through the handy multi-spray head is better and more reliable than most stable hosepipes. Maybe that’s why so many people are installing them in the yard! Truck owners, if you don’t have a horse wash on your truck, Waterboy is perfect for you.


Waterboy comes with our fabulous 12 months no quibble warranty on all mechanical parts.

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