After-sales Service

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After-sales Service

Before each journey – particular checks are necessary for safety reasons and is the responsibility of the trailer operator.

Every 3000 miles (5000 km) – for industrial / commercial trailers with intensive usage, by type of application or mileage towed, including boat trailers that have been immersed in water.

Every 6000 miles (10,000 km) – for leisure trailers and caravans – service annually.

A Service includes the following checks

  • ​Jack up and make safe with our trailer lift.  All wheels off the ground plus jockey wheel
  • Remove hubs, inspect sealed bearings and/or strip out bearings and seals and check condition.
  • Check wheel studs/bolts. Re-grease and re-assemble.
  • Check coupling, draw bar bushes for wear (lift in draw tube shaft), rubber bellows for spits etc. Breakaway cable and damper operation. Grease as required.
  • Remove jockey wheel assembly and strip out inner shaft, clean and re-grease.
  • Inspect rubber tyred wheel for wear etc. (if applicable)
  • Replace assembly ensuring clamp pad is in place (if fitted.)
  • Check Indespension units, coil and leaf springs for damage etc. (Paying special attention to spring hangers and bolts.)
  • Check security and condition of mud guards and mountings etc.
  • Check all wheels and tyres for fatigue, check tyre tread depths, and pressures.
  • Inspect trailer chassis and floor defects.
  • Complete light and wiring checks.

Your investment, our concern

Have peace of mind knowing that your truck is maintained by our trained technicians. As we have created your Krismar, we know better than anyone how to keep it at it’s very best!

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